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In the Academic Excellence Track, the student will get deep insights into the concepts. Be it in mathematics or English Grammar, the focus will be on strong foundation. This will help students build their self-confidence which will consequently make learning pleasurable and joyful. Problem-solving approach provides a great avenue to explore the deeper significance of concepts. Insights are built with care and under the able guidance of the highly educated faculty of ILC. Grades K-12 are divided into 5 categories to enable appropriate teaching strategies.




Predominant Student Characteristic

Teaching Style

Elementary (K-4)

Curiosity, Enthusism and eagerness to explore and express

Games, give imense freedom to think and express, high tolerance to mistakes

Middle1 (4th - 6th)

More experience, shy to explore new ideas, sensitive to peer views

High tolerance to mistakes, introduction to abtract thinking, focus on speed, mental calculations

Middle2 (7th and 8th)

Critical foundations built, rigidity to new ways, peer-pressure driven

Emphasis on independent thinking and learning, independent extension of ideas, problems solving challenges

High School 1 (9th and 10th)

Strong foundations, Pressure to build portfolio for college, time-shortage

More challenging problems, prepare for university expectations, longer term projects

High School 2 (11th and 12th)

Test taking pressures, portfolio touch-ups, college scouting/applications

Intense training for specific topics, AP training, more challenges, opportunities for creative/research projects leading to possible publications to increase competetive advantage in college application