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If you love math, have skipped food because you were engrossed in solving a problem - this track is right for you. ILC contest Math track hopes to unravel the artistic beauty in math. Here you will feel math, sense math and dream math. Curriculum math can often become mechanical. Contest Math will always be awe inspiring, never mechanical and always feed your mind with great excitement. At ILC we will walk along-side as you seek out the solution to a seemingly complex problem; insights into concepts will help you navigate and steer towards simple and elegant solution. Here is a challenge for you - Can you express the number 2003 as sum of two prime numbers. This is indeed a simple problem - yet, the solution nevertheless will give an "Aha moment".

We at ILC train students for American Math Competition (AMC8, AMC10 and AMC12). We train students from 2nd grade -12th grade for Math Kangaroo. Other competitions we train for are: American Regional Math League (ARML), Purplecomet, Gauss, MATHCOUNTS and many more. Call us at: 908-547-4035 or email at for more information on pricing and class schedules.

Here are a few problems from Math Contests you might like (From AMC12):


prob1 prob2
prob3 prob4